A wall is a vertical (external or internal) structure and a surface that defines a constructive boundary of a room or building area and carries various loads, provides shelter and soundproofing, separates rooms, fulfils a decorative purpose and performs other functions.

The choice of walls building materials is determined by construction, fire protection, architectural, design, functionality and other requirements.


External walls are divided into load bearing, self-supporting and non-load bearing walls. Internal walls are divided into load bearing and non-load bearing (partition walls). Walls can also be divided according to building materials and constructive solution (masonry, block, panel, single-layer, multi-layer walls).

We offer structural and finishing boards for load bearing and non-load bearing walls.

Load bearing

Load bearing walls are structural elements that perform several functions: carry the weight of a building from the roof and upper floors, support structural elements like beams, slab and others. They carry the vertical load and also their own weight and can be used as interior or exterior walls.

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Products for Load bearing

Non-load bearing

Non-load bearing walls perform the functions of enclosing structures and spaces in a building and carry only self-weight loads within one floor. They do not support floor or roof loads, they are usually built lighter and their main purpose is to divide spaces into rooms.

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