EPDM waterproof membrane

EPDM membrane is made from synthetic rubber and creates an airtight and weathertight seal and can be used for a wide variety of applications as outdoor works like roofing, window and door seals.

It is also used to cover, protect, and seal mechanical fastening bars, membrane fasteners, core sample repair patches, membrane repairs, and seam overlays.

Product colors


Product sizes

30x1mm (20m roll)

50x1mm (20m roll)

90x1mm (20m roll)

30x1mm (20m roll with full glue)

Other sizes available upon request.

Technical data


Essential characteristics




Test standard

Harmonised technical
Reaction to fire E EN 13501-1  



EN 13984:2013

Watertightness (2 kPa) Pass EN 1928
Water vapour permeability ≤ 50.000 EN 1931
Impact resistance NPD EN 12691
Joint shear resistance NPD EN 12316-2
Tensile strength ≥ 7 MPa EN 12311-2
Elongation ≥ 300% EN 12311-2
Tear resistance ≥ 10 N EN 12310-2
Durability ageinst ageing Pass EN 1296/EN 1931
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